Changes Are Coming...

I am delighted to become the Executive Headteacher at Mirus Academy.

There is a lot to be done and I know that the staff, pupils, parents and governors want rapid, sustained improvement. Our focus is to improve the quality of learning for our pupils.

We will do this by having :

  • Excellent pupil behaviour
  • High quality teaching
  • Excellent attendance
  • High standards of uniform
  • Respect for each other
  • High aspirations
  • Traditional values.

My aim is to ensure that Mirus becomes a school of preference, known for its high standards for all our pupils.

Our Primary Section is well led by Mrs Wall and she will remain in charge however the secondary Section requires a different approach and I will be based at the Leamore site to ensure that the required changes happen in a way that is sustainable and not just for show.

My first priority is to improve behaviour. While most pupils are pleasant young people there are a few who choose to spoil the learning of others. Poor behaviour will be dealt with and good behaviour rewarded. All I expect is that pupils behave well in the academy. I am sure that the vast majority of pupils will welcome the changes and I hope that I have your support in this matter.

Full school uniform will be worn properly. Skirts to be of a reasonable length, top buttons done up; no hoodies or coats inside the building, trousers worn at the waist and not around the knees. Only the approved school uniform to be worn.

There will be a review of the school uniform. As I explained to those parents who attended the parent session last month I find the uniform too expensive for most people. As a parent I would have found it difficult to keep on buying the costly blazers with their trim, especially at the speed children grow. There will be no need for parents to buy any new uniform until they need to renew their child’s. Details of the new uniform will be sent home once it is approved by the local governing body.

The names of the Families are very difficult to pronounce, let alone write so we will be reviewing them and talking with the pupils about a return to houses with different names.

It is very exciting to be given the privilege of leading the Mirus Academy and I can promise parents that I will work tirelessly, with my colleagues to ensure that the necessary changes take place to improve their child’s achievement.

- Dame Maureen Brennan
Executive Headteacher

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